May 27, 2010 - "Tough times on the eastern front" Heinrich Himmler

Flooded with several time pressing projects and tasks that have kept me out of my regular activities and environs. The light at the end of the tunnel was thought to be a freight train now it is only the exit toward normalcy. I wonder if Plato would call leaving the cave "entering normalcy". Inquiring minds... really don't care!

For those of you that do care - I found a list of the Citizens Band Radio codes... More may follow L8TR... TTFN

April 8, 2010 - Updated Pictures on the Web Site

I hope this email finds you well today.  And I hope everyone had a good Easter…I just wanted to let y’all know that I have updated chromy.org with new pictures..  Have fun surfing around.

Brother Bob's 50th Birthday Party
Photos From Fenway

January 29, 2010 - Grammy Message from Laura

Good Evening All!

Please send out good Grammy Karma on Sunday for Bruce & Duke Robillard’s “Stomp! The Blues Tonight” album nominated for Best Traditional Blues Album.  Bruce & I arrive in LA Saturday  (thank you Joe & Debra!) and will be at O Hotel in LA - if any one ends up being local.  We will try our hardest to see Scott MacDonald- depending on the yet to develop time schedules.   

Lots of love,


December 17, 2009 - Blake James - Introducing Mr. Taggart Theodore Riedlinger

(From the proud Papa)

Born to Brooke and Karl Riedlinger at 7:54 PM Sunday Jan 17, 2009.
7lb 10oz & 20 inches of pure love and cuteness. Mother and baby are very well.

Thank you for your love, support and patience.
We look forward to sharing our precious gift with each of you

December 8, 2009 - Introducing Blake James

This is a message from proud granddad Ron - Blake was born at 12:34 on December 8th... He's a big guy, 8 lb s and 10 oz..He's 20 and one half inches long. It was an emergency Cesarean because the cord was wrapped around his next.....Kyle tells me all is fine... Now that I'm a Great Grand father, I think I'll slip off and get in a nap.

December 3, 2009 - Family Trees - Flow Charts

All this new family information has - as y'all know - spurred me into action. I have created the flow charts for our side of the family... thank you everyone for your input... Follow the MacDonald Family tree links on the right side of the page.

December 1, 2009 - The Adventures of Erin and Andy - The Boston Leg

I just finished speaking with Erin.  She and Andy are leaving the Island for Boston Tomorrow afternoon…

So Family Dinner at my house on Saturday… Dad, Laura, Colin, Jenny how does this work for y’all? We can have an early evening / late afternoon meal so y’all can meet the cousins!  All y’all are welcome over at the house any other time – you know that.  (Debra is out of town until Friday at 7:00 pm – we could “Dine on Friday” if schedules don’t work out. 

If anyone else wants to make the trip… just let me know and I will make sure to save you a place at the table….

November 25th 2009 - The Adventures of Erin and Andy

Anyway, @ 8:04 PM tonight – I get a call from a Colin MacDonald in Minnesota… I though What?  The Colin MacDonald I know must be calling me from heaven… because he is not here on Earth (my Grandfather).   These are two VERY familiar family names on my side… and sure enough… it is my first cousin (Son of my Uncle Ronnie) 

I KNOW – How weird is that!  Well I will tell you… I have never met my first cousin and he says the magic words… “Aunt Joyce gave me your number and she said I should call you so you can connect me with the rest of your family.”  He achieved instant credibility and acceptance after saying those simple words!  I KNOW – Its CRAZY Wonderful!

Colin – MacDonald of course – and I begin a brand new friendship and we talk for over a ½ an hour!  He tells me that he has 4 children – 3 girls and 1 boy – the youngest.  2 of them are traveling the east coast for a month – and want to meet some long lost second cousins… Their names are Erin and Andrew (Andy) MacDonald… these two wonderful people are my second cousins… and they are coming to Boston – sometime before the 10th of December.

November 24, 2009 - Distribution List Problems

My beautiful sister, Laura, told me that she tried to send a message to the family distribution list and it failed… it even failed to send an error message.  After researching the problem I discovered that all of the email addresses were deleted.  This problem was traced to my hosting vendor.  They had a critical drive failure and could not restore this distribution list. 

I am sorry for the inconvenience.  BUT – it gives me an opportunity to give out the instructions to the list and allow you an opportunity to provide your email address to the participating members… if you want… just reply to “all” and start typing.  Please feel free to give a personal update and describe your relationship to me or my lively bride Debra. 

There are 40 subscribers.  Some people have multiple email addresses on the list (I have 5 so that I can test the list from different servers around the country)

If you have any questions comments or suggestions, please send an email to the main mail list address (listed in the table below)

Manage list subscribers
Task Send an Email to this address
Mail List family [at] chromy [dot] org
Help address family-help [at] chromy [dot] org
Subscription address family-subscribe [at] chromy [dot] org
Unsubscription address family-unsubscribe [at] chromy [dot] org

I will have another update shortly!

June 6, 2009
Our site is being redesigned. Come Back Often and see the changes! Remember there are important links in the footer of this page.

June 5, 2009 - JAlbum
Joe is redesigning the Photo Albums with a great freeware called "JAlbum". JAlbum provides you with free photo album templates and the ability to upload to your own web site. JAlbum also offers a free hosting account of 30 MB of pictures. They also have a subscription service that allows you to increase the size of your photo album space. (for instance, chromy.org has more than 2 GB of photos already!) A graphical advert is at the bottom left of this page.

Remember - nothing is truly for free forever - please make many donations to your programmers of choice.

Previous to June 1, 2009 - Star Trek, NPR, On Point and Leonard Nimoy
Joe went to see the new Star Trek Movie with his nephew I-Zac and two of his friends. They absolutely loved the move. They saw it twice during the opening weekend; once at a theater with stadium seating and then at Jordan's IMAX. What an experience the IMAX presentation was! Debra came with them to the IMAX show.

As y'all know Joe is a huge NPR (National Public Radio) fan. He called into the talk show "On Point" as they were discussing the new Star Trek Movie with Leonard Nimoy himself. Click here to listen to his call.


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